Lawsuit wipes over $6bn from Oracle's valueOracle isn't known as a shrinking violet when it comes to legal battles, and it's coming out swinging over allegations that it was playing fast and loose with its cloud revenue reporting.In her court filing PDF , Blackburn claimed that she was a "senior finance manager" at Oracle and accused the database giant of serious financial wrongdoing."This former employee worked at Oracle for less than a year and did not work in the accounting group.Your humble hack here has a family member who was employed at Oracle for many years and he says that after the firm's HR department makes you jump through so many hoops to join, getting fired is very tricky indeed.When news of the lawsuit broke on Wednesday afternoon, Oracle's shares took a battering, dropping four per cent and wiping about $6bn off Oracle's market cap.An SEC spokesman declined to comment on the matter, and we're still waiting on word from Blackburn's lawyer on Oracle's statement.
Turner doesn't belong in prison.I wrote a column earlier this year praising the two Stanford students, both from Sweden, who interrupted the assault and chased the drunken athlete down.But probation officials, who see hundreds of less remorseful defendants, had it right.Turner wrote in a statement to probation authorities that was quoted in a defense brief.Deputy District Attorney Alaleh Kianerci, has urged the judge to disregard the probation recommendation, saying, "the fact that the defendant preyed upon an intoxicated stranger on a college campus should not be viewed as a less serious crime than if he were to assault a stranger in downtown Palo Alto."Because of a long history of ignoring sexual assaults on campuses, particularly by athletes, we have become more vigilant about prosecuting them.
On the other hand, you ve heard the stories about loans gone wrong, with friendships ruined and families torn apart.To help guide you toward making the right decision, we asked financial experts to share five key things to consider before cracking open your wallet.Offering to help brainstorm other sources for the loan or ways to bring down her debt if that s the situation can be a thoughtful next move.Rule 3: Create a Firm Repayment TimelineTen years ago Emily White,* 43, lent her younger sister $20,000 to buy a house near their elderly parents, without discussing a repayment date for the loan.If signs are pointing to more serious delinquency—a number of scheduled payments have been missed and numerous follow-up emails or phone calls from you are ignored—it might be a good idea to consult with an attorney.In the scenario where one lump-sum payment is being paid back after a long-term loan, it never hurts to send a reminder email a month in advance of the due date to show her that you re sticking firm to the terms.
It s activated through gesture — lifting your wrist turns on the screen — or by pressing the button below it.The scratch-resistant display is part of a core module, just like the original Mi Band, and can be swapped out into silicone bands of different colors.The new Band 2 refines that concept by removing the uncomfortable design, dropping the macaroni entirely, adding a slight curve to the display to let it conform to your wrist better, and in general fixing the flaws that made the first wearable so unwearable.That clasp itself has been redesigned to incorporate a UV sensor and a far more elegant charger, and it hides away the embedded electronics better than the first model did.I actually like it — you can slide the halves of the clasp together to tighten it, or press the levers on the side to loosen it or ultimately release it.Add this to a few scuffs and scratches I ve found on the underside of the display, and a strap that doesn t quite meet the display perfectly, and you get serious build-quality problems.
St. Paul s School failed to stop public taunting and harassment of a teenage girl who reported being sexually assaulted by a popular older boy at the school, a new lawsuit claims.He was found guilty of misdemeanor sexual assault and a felony charge of using a computer to lure his victim, but acquitted of more serious sex abuse charges.Carney, who has also defended gangster James Whitey Bulger.Two boys stood up to speak on an unrelated topic, according to the suit, and made a joke about the age of consent.There was no effort made to shield her from retaliation or discipline people for retaliating against her, he added.Lawsuit Against St. Paul s School Redacted examples of online messages show harassment of the victim after she reported that Owen Labrie sexually assaulted her.
If you ve been trying to search for something on for the past few hours, you ve been receiving a service unavailable Error 500.Clicking on Books for example gives you an error.Today s downtime seems to be affecting only as search is working just fine on,, etc.Still, think about how much money Amazon is losing right now.Amazon processes so many orders per minute that even a few minutes of downtime is a big deal.Given that reports of Amazon being down started more than three hours ago, this is more serious than a brief outage.
The accident helicopter was the same model as the one pictured, a Super Puma EC225. The reason is the recent findings from the accident investigation team to investigate the serious accident that occurred at the end of April. A helicopter crashed on the way from an oil platform, outside Bergen, and all 13 on board were killed. Shortly after the event was the helicopter type of passenger traffic in Norway and the UK, but now it may not be used for search and rescue operations in Norway, according to the decision. The reason is the results of the investigation, which shows that a fatigue crack in the gearbox may have caused the accident. Civil Aviation Authority points out that the incident is still under investigation and that no definitive cause has not yet been established.
If that s something you didn t know, beware of the spoiler to follow: Google AdWords can be an important tool for scaling your business.Every dollar you spend paying for clicks is a dollar you can t allocate to other areas of your business, so it s vital to make each one count.Today, I m going to walk you through three Google AdWords hacks to help you drive high-quality leads and ensure that every dollar you spend is well spent.They have been very successful for these clients and will help you save some serious time and money.The truth is that each one has a time and a place, but I m going to focus on two of my favorites today: broad match modified keywords and phrase match keywords.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Last year s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are no slouches either, of course, and the iPhone SE and iPhone 5s are speedy little phones as well.In this post, we ll show you five simple things you can do to give your iPhone a serious speed boost, and these tips will all work regardless of which iPhone model you own.Clear out apps and files you don t needJust like any other computing device, your iPhone can get bogged down if the storage is filled up with clutter.By default, the app saves all of the photos, videos and messages you receive… forever.To clear the cache in Safari, for example, just go to Settings Safari and scroll down to Clear History and Website Data.The same trick also works in iTunes, iBooks and the Apple Watch app.
Just as Human Rights Joint Committee report landsPhotograph by Twocoms/ShutterstockIPB As the Snoopers' Charter approaches its highest hurdle yet in Parliament next week, Theresa May has made some concessions to its contested provisions, particularly those affecting privacy, sensitive professions, and access to medical records.As for journos, their work comms will only be fair game after the bill's proposed judicial commissioner has considered their access to be in the public interest.However, The Guardian has reported that the official opposition in Parliament, the Labour party, intends to press for further changes, including stronger safeguards in five areas: privacy, using internet connection records only in serious crime cases, toughening rules on the judicial authorisation of intercept warrants, stronger safeguards on the use of medical records and other bulk datasets, and protections for legal and journalistic confidentiality.The Home Office had previously responded to the Intelligence and Security Committee's alarm about the lack of privacy provisions in the bill by simply adding the word privacy to the title of Part 1 of the bill, but the new concessions include a clause which prohibits authorising snooping where the information could reasonably be obtained by less intrusive means.Although the Labour party won a review of the bill's bulk hacking and snooping powers, it then demanded even more concessions.Its report found that simply "consulting the Prime Minister before interference with communications of Members of Parliament provides an adequate safeguard" and suggested that, "in addition the Speaker or Presiding Officer of the relevant legislature should be given sufficient notice of the decision to interfere with such communications to enable them, if they so wish, to be heard before the Judicial Commissioner."
I also use both together, as there are times an enterprise crawl will yield findings that warrant a smaller, surgical crawl.Hidden Frog: easy to miss, yet powerful, Screaming Frog reportsRedirect chainsMost SEOs know that you need to redirect old URLs to their newer counterparts when going through a website redesign or CMS migration.A 301 can lead to a 200 header response code, which is great.Or maybe it leads to a 500 application error .Make sure you check the box for Always Follow Redirects in the settings, and then crawl those old URLs the ones that need to redirect .Remember, on-page tags are easier to pick up since they are in the code, but when hreflang is delivered via the response header or in sitemaps, you won t know that by simply looking at the page.
As one of the world s leading dementia charities, we take serious our role of communicating the impact of dementia on society, on families and, of course, the individual.This reveals a lack of understanding around the physical nature of the condition.How can we help people gain a greater appreciation of the impact?Developed over the past year in close collaboration with people living with dementia and their carers, the Dementia Research Centre at UCL and technology experts Visyon - all of whom gave their time and resources for free - the new Google Cardboard app provides a first person glimpse into life with the condition.We were fortunate enough to work with stage and screen actor Dame Harriet Walter who gives voice to the app.After we launch A Walk Through Dementia at a special installation at St Pancras International Station, we ll take it to the Cheltenham Science Festival and then make it available at many of our public events into the future.
It s another sign that the internet giant is increasingly serious about eliminating incentives for fake reviews that erode trust, even if it means targeting the third-party retailers that hawk their wares through Amazon s platform and who, unlike the fake-review sites, are a source of revenue.The web giant has sued three of its sellers: a Chinese company called CCBetterDirect, Michael Abbara, and Kurt Bauer.The newest lawsuits continue the wave of litigation that Amazon started in early 2015.The move away from targeting sites like and toward people on the Amazon platform shows just how strong of a warning the company wants to send, which makes sense given that without trustworthy reviews Amazon wouldn t be a very useful marketplace.It s also tried out verified purchase designation of people who ve bought the product, though as Evan Schuman at ComputerWorld points out, it s really not hard for fake reviewers to buy one item, get that designation, and then go on to fake a review.It s unsurprising then that a separate study from Mintel, a marketing company, found that almost 70 percent of Americans ask for other people s opinions online before buying anything, and yet only 59% trust the actual recommendations.
Credit: AppleMy relationship with the new Apple TV got off to a rocky start last fall.From password entry issues to some serious quirks with the new Siri Remote, the long-awaited transition to an Apple TV that could run third-party apps was a letdown.But something funny has happened in the past few months: I ve found myself using and enjoying the fourth-generation Apple TV a lot more than I did the previous generation.As soon as I clicked that setting, the remote worked flawlessly with my receiver.Invariably there are a handful of games already in progress on the east coast, and I ve come to enjoy displaying two of them side by side in the MLB App s two-up mode.When one game goes into a commercial break, one swipe with the Apple TV remote brings the other game forward and switches the audio to that game.