Development teams are everything for digital products. They breathe life into ideas and push new technologies forward across various industries. But what if you need to hire a new specialist to the team and make it quick? Given that the market is fighting for each tech specialist, it may be hard to find someone with the required qualification and at an affordable rate.

In such cases, IT staff augmentation comes to the rescue. This model lets you hire specialists from outsourcing companies to fill missing positions. They work remotely as a part of your in-house developers on a temporary basis. This method is quite popular thanks to the opportunity for hiring talents worldwide and affordable hourly rates.

If you’re reading these lines, you’re most likely looking for a vendor. The variety of staff augmentation firms is overwhelming. It means that you can spend a lot of time searching for the right vendor.

We’ve conducted research and made a list of 19 staff augmentation IT companies to help you find a reliable partner. You can read more info in this guide.